Effects of Exercise on Anxiety and Depression Disorders: Review of Meta- Analyses and Neurobiological Mechanisms

Exercise is of greater benefit in reducing depression than anxiety, according to a new review of studies by Mirko Wegner, Ingo Helmich, Sergio Machado, Antonio E. Nardi, Oscar Arias-Carrion and Henning... 

Influence of gender on Tourette syndrome beyond adolescence

Most readers probably already know that Tourette’s is more common in males than females. But what about in post-adolescence? Do gender differences make a difference in tic symptoms later in life?... 

Does watching yourself tic in a mirror increase tics or decrease them?

A new study suggests that watching yourself tic in the mirror may increase tics: Abstract Gilles de la Tourette syndrome (GTS) is characterized by motor and phonic tics. It is unknown how paying attention... 

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Increases Schizophrenia Risk, Researchers Say

There is some new research that may alarm some readers, so I’ll say this at the top: just because your child has OCD, it does not mean that he or she will develop schizophrenia. Obsessive compulsive... 

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Important alert for parents in Lowell and Lawrence areas of Massachusetts

I don’t normally post these types of news stories, but because it could impact children’s evaluations and IEPs, I’ve decided to do so. A story in yesterday’s Boston Globe reports... 

Why Tourette’s May Be Tim Howard’s Secret Weapon on the Field

Everyone’s been e-mailing me to ask if I know about the extraordinary goal keeper, Tim Howard. Well, yes, I know – I included Tim in my inspiration page of famous people with TS or OCD over... 

U.S. Departments of Education and Justice Release School Discipline Guidance Package to Enhance School Climate and Improve School Discipline Policies/Practices

A very exciting press release issued January 8 by the U.S. Department of Education: The U.S. Department of Education (ED), in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), today released a school... 

The Selling of Attention Deficit Disorder

I recently noted new research on the increasing rates of diagnosed ADHD.  Now there’s this article by Alan Schwarz in the New York Times: After more than 50 years leading the fight to legitimize... 

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Here’s An Easy Way To Help Your Children Improve Their Writing

Now that the kids are back in school, it’s a good time to address a common situation. Your child is supposed to be working on a paper or an essay, but you see that they are texting friends and checking Facebook while they are working on it. Being a thoughtful parent, you tactfully suggest that they focus on the task, only to be met with, “No problem, Mom, I can multitask!” But can... [Read more of this news story]

Resource: Tic Management 101 for Parents: A CBIT Perspective

Douglas W. Woods, Ph.D. recently presented a webinar  for parents on CBIT (Comprehensive Comprehensive Behavioral Intervention for Tics). If you missed it, you can watch it on TSA’s website and view/download the slides he used in the presentation.. Healthcare professionals may want to view an earlier presentation oriented to professionals.  Read More →

Back to School: Is your child ready? Are you?

It’s that time again, so I thought I’d re-post links to some articles I’ve written in the past to help parents: Back to School Tip #1: Is the teacher ready for your child? (how to and what to write to the teachers) Back to School Tip #2: Re-establish wake-up time and routines Back to School Tip #3: Structure and routine boost homework compliance Back to School Tip #4: Can they... [Read more of this news story]

Tips for preventing meltdowns (theirs and yours) during the holiday season

I hadn’t really thought about writing a Tips post for surviving the holiday season. Then I saw a column in the Toronto Star that offered tips that generally will not work for our kids, so I decided maybe I should post something after all.  But before I do, let me point out what triggered this response: “Tantrums are about power struggles and attention,” said Natalia McPhedran, an Ottawa-based... [Read more of this news story]

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