Assessing Executive Functions in Psychoeducational Domains

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Michael Decaire, M.A. of Harcourt Assessment prepared a PowerPoint overview on assessing executive dysfunction in psychoeducational domains. Although some of the slides are missing as they would display test item content, and there has been additional research since 2006, the presentation may be of interest to school psychologists:

PANDAS: The girl who couldn’t stop sneezing

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One of the most controversial conditions is something abbreviated as PANDAS: Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal infections. PANDAS is not a recognized disorder in terms of it being in the diagnostic manual, and some physicians argue that it really is not a separate disorder at all. But what we do know is that there are a subset of children who, shortly following a common strep infection, have an acute worsening of tics or obsessive-compulsive symptoms. For other kids with no history of tics or obsessive-compulsive symptoms but who have a family history of tics or obsessive-compulsive problems, a strep infection may be followed by the child seeming to erupt in tics and obsessions and compulsions. If nothing else, PANDAS is dramatic.

Consider the case of 12-year old Lauren Johnson, who was interviewed on MSNBC because she couldn’t stop sneezing. For months and months, Lauren sneezed, sometimes up to 12,000 times per day. You can watch the MSNBC segment from November 2008 below. Interestingly to me, Dr. Nancy Snyderman picked up on the fact that the sneeze was not a true sneeze and that it was more likely to be a tic. Sadly, she then blew it (in my opinion) by not making the connection to the preceding head cold. Instead, she suggested that the problem was psychological.

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